Writing Quality, Not Quantity

Wow, I am amazed at the relief and lightness I feel today. I spent a better part of the morning recreating my income spreadsheets (compliments of Felicia at No Job For Mom.) If you want a detailed spreadsheet that automatically completes total, calculations, completions and statistics for your writing career and income, visit the No Job For Mom link above. Felicia did a terrific job of creating a working spreadsheet and it is a huge value to us freelancing writers!

Then, I created a more workable, less exhausting daily schedule, daily goal, monthly goal and yearly goal spreadsheets. Ahhh, sweet relief! Now, I can retain my sense of accomplishment, maintain an active income, work on my own 3 sites and build my passive income. Although, I cut out many daily work hours I still found a workable way to continue earning a substantial income and building my revenue based income to reach my goal of a total passive income.

After completing the updated spreadsheets, I knew I had found a solution perfected for me and is so I begin my work day a little later than originally intended, but with the new daily goals in place, I already know that I will work for 4 hours on my writing obligations, take a few hours off to cook supper, spend time with my kiddos, do the bath/teeth/story/tuck into bed nightly routine. Then, put in another 2 hours working on my own sites, checking and answering comments & emails and organizing my articles keywords, notes, etc for the following day.

I feel an excitement about writing again! I love my career, I am passionate about writing and always have been. But the constant, never ending workload was breaking me. Now, my focus will return to quality instead of quantity!

Til next time...happy writing <3 Missie <3


  1. I came over from Felicia's reply to your comment on her site. Glad I did :-)



  2. Thank you so much for visiting! You made my day!